Friday, July 29, 2011

US Government Deals 'Meth Lab Economics' by Pushing Programs and Spending

Let’s admit it: Out country is addicted to spending. We must return to Biblical principles of financial management. Personally and nationally, the consequences will be severe if we do not. The repercussions of our nation's financial mismanagement and debt are predicted to impact generations of future Americans.

As talks are breaking down regarding the impending financial crisis in the U.S., the debate is extremely heated on how America should spend its money. With $14.3 trillion in debt, spending is spiraling out of control and the U.S. may hit a financial crisis like other countries around the globe.

So what is the answer to stop the bleeding?

The answer is simple: Stop the addiction and return to biblical principles when handling the country's finances.

There's a reason this country is having so much trouble getting out of debt. We are literally addicted to spending. The government has pushed program upon program in Americans' faces for so long, we seemingly can't live without them. These programs are like drugs and we just need more and more to get by.

What our government is really doing is dealing in what I call, 'meth lab economics.' Liberals create an entitlement mindset and we teach people to think 'I earned this free program; I have a right to handouts with no responsibility.' It becomes a drug that creates dependency.

Government programs continue to keep people dependent. Welfare is essentially economic crack dealing. And until we take a more biblical approach to personal responsibility and spending, this addiction will continue.

We would all condemn the drug dealer who hooks his victims, reels them in, and holds them in bondage awaiting the next ‘fix.’ But government entitlements which give people barely enough to subsist, and which breed a mindset that, ‘you can’t make it without my help’ create a bondage similar to that experienced by the drug addict. This is un-American and ungodly.

It is not naïve to think that the U.S. can financially run on biblical principles. This involves simply returning to the Bible to guide us in how we handle our money and following a few basic tenets:

-Be good stewards of God's resources. We are only caretakers on this Earth and frivolous spending makes us irresponsible stewards of all that God has given us.
-Know that saving is a tenet of God.
-Stay out of debt!


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